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at home pet sitting (Dogs) $65.00+HST

Need someone to take care of Fido while you're away from home? Adventure Pawtrol pet sitting includes up to four visits a day at your home, for two dogs, water refresh, feeding, and administering any required medication included. Overnight stays can also be arranged for your pet if needed at no additional cost.

(7a.m walk/feeding, Noon potty break, 5p.m walk/feeding, 9p.m potty break)

Cat Visits (and other low maintenance pets) $15.00+HST

Adventure Pawtrol hasn't forgotten about your other pet family members! We offer cat visits and other low maintenance pet visits such as chickens, rabbits, hamsters and fish for $15.00+HST per visit. This includes a 20 minute visit for feeding, water refresh, kitty litter cleaning, and some cuddles! 

Trail Hike Excursion (Private) $30.00+HST

Is your dog not suited for pack activities? Maybe you prefer them to have some one-on-one time? No problem, we'll take them for an exciting 1 hour walk or run through the forest to burn off that excess energy. This service includes pick up and drop off (total time away from home can vary between 1 - 1.5 hours). If you have more then one dog and wish to have them walked together, an additional $12.00 will be charged for each additional dog.

Trail Hike Excursion (with a PacK) $30.00+HST

If your dog is social, loves to run, sniff and explore new landscapes, then this adventure is for them! We keep our packs small (maximum of four) so we can give each dog plenty of attention for the entire 1hour excursion. This service includes pick up and drop off (total time away from home can vary between 1 - 1.5 hours). If you have more then one dog and wish to walk them together, an additional $12.00 will be charged for each additional dog.

Potty Break - $15.00+HST 

Need some extra help with your pup during the day? Adventure Pawtrol is available day or evening to help with those long hours you're away from home. A potty break includes a short walk and some play time for your pooch. A $3.00 fee may apply for additional dog from the same home.

30 Minute Neighbourhood walk $20.00+HST

Perhaps your pup isn't up for a whole hour on the trails and prefers to explore the sights and smells near home. No problem, an Adventure Pawtrol pack leader will be happy to do a 30 minute neighbourhood walk. If you wish to have additional dogs from your home walked at the same time, a charge of $8.00 per dog will be added.